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League Rules
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BEML "Golden Rule" The BEML is a league that is designed and dedicated to providing a fun and competitive atmosphere to its member teams. Sportsmanship, Respect, Honor, and a sense of fair-play will be upheld at all times by all participating members and member teams. Rules will be interpreted and followed using a common sense approach, and any attempt to exploit, or use to some advantage any of the loopholes which may (and likely do) exist will be considered unsportsmanlike and will be dealt with accordingly by the administration. Any conduct whatsoever which is deemed counter productive to the ideals of this league will also be looked down upon by the administration. Team Rosters Each Team Captain is responsible for making sure that all of their players are on the team roster. Rosters are maintained in the BEML database. If a team uses an unrostered player in an official match, every map the unrostered player participated in will be forfeited regardless of the time or actions by the unrostered player. There are no exceptions to this rule. Observers Additional people on a Match Server are unauthorized with 4 exceptions. The first is if an Admin has been requested by a Team Captain for a match their team is playing in. The second is if a match is being Shoutcasted. The third is if the BEML Administrator or BEML JAG officer determines an Admin is needed. The fourth is when a Team-In-Waiting-Coordinator is sitting in to observe the behavior of a Team-In-Waiting during a scrimmage. In the fourth case, if the Team-In-Waiting-Coordinator happens to be a player for the participating Member team, then that player must be actively participating in the match. Under no circumstances will any player of the participating clans be allowed to be in Observer mode and observe the opposition. Substitutions Any number of a clans members may be substituted into and out of a match without penalty. Up to three substitutes from other BEML clans are allowed per team with the oppositions approval. This rule is only intended to assist a clan that cannot field 10 players for a competition match. Continued abuse of this rule will result in a clans suspension from competition play until a full team can be fielded consistantly. It is intended that a player only be rostered on one BEML team per league and to normally play on that team. Game Countdown Both Team Captains must confirm the start of the game countdown. This should be confirmed in the Global ChatHUD before the game is started. A Captain may call for a restart in the first minute of play if the map was forced and was not agreed upon. The opposing Team Captain must grant this restart. Posting Results All results are to be posted on the BEML website using the the tools provided with the BEML scheduling system within 24 hours of the completion of a match. Either team captain may post the results of a match. These results will be visible to all, and it is recommended that both team captains take care to verify the results of a match. If there are any discrepencies, please report them to an Admin. Cheating Cheating means using unfair means to gain an advantage, including exploiting game bugs, using a hacked programmer driver, tampering with game textures and models, or interfering with a player's connection. The league recognizes that this rule is difficult to enforce. That does not mean this behavior is acceptable. Teams and players that want to cheat are welcome and encouraged to find a different league. If a team has any doubts about the legality of a tactic they want to use in a match, they should try to privately contact the Division Administrator before hand. If a team faces a tactic they feel is questionable, the match will continue and normal rule disputes procedures will be followed. In the event the questionable tactic is ruled illegal, the JAG will publish his ruling in the JAG his Forum and Members Forum. Dispute Resolution Should a team wish to officially dispute anything regarding an official BEML match they must go by the following list in order: 1. The team should make every attempt to peacefully resolve the situation with the opposition. Only after this step has taken place and no resolve can be reached may a team proceed to the BEML Staff for decision rendering. 2. The team must be sure to gather any evidence they can to support their case for said dispute, and be able to supply this evidence to the Staff and their opposition upon request. 2a. For Tribes 2, the team will then take any evidence to their specific Division Administrator (Base or Classic) for discussion on the dispute. After discussion amongst the involved parties has been held, the specific Division Administrator will then make a ruling. If the team is unhappy with the ruling, they may then proceed to step #3. 2b. For the BattleField 1942 Division, the team must take their evidence to the Division Administrator for discussion on the issue. After this discussion, the Division Administrator will make a ruling on the issue. If the team is unhappy with the ruling, they make take the issue to step #4. 3. The team will then take their evidence to the T2 Division Administrator for further review. The T2 Division Administrator will review all the evidence and make his ruling on the dispute. If the team is still unhappy with the ruling, they may proceed to step #4. 4. The team will take their evidence to the League Administrator for further discussion on the dispute. The League Administrator will review all the evidence and make his ruling on the dispute. If the team is still unhappy with the ruling, they may proceed to step #4. 5. The team will take their evidence to the JAG Officer for further discussion on the dispute. After this discussion the JAG Officer will make his ruling. This ruling is final and binding. There is no further appeal after this step. Should a team skip any of these rules, they must begin the dispute resolution process anew at the first step. Server Behavior Swearing will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form before, during, or after a BEML match by anyone on the server. This includes typed messages or voice packs. If there is an offense, the TC for that player should deal with the issue immediately. A repeat offense in the same match is cause for immediate kick from the server, for the rest of the match. The opposite team's TC may remove the offending player if the player's TC does not deal with the player in a timely manner. Excessive violations of this rule will be brought before the BEML Administrator and/or JAG Officer for review. HomeField Advantage When the schedule is determined, one team in each pairing will hold "homefield advantage". This does not mean that the match HAS to be played on their server, only that if there is any discrepency or argument about where to play, the team with homefield advantage can request to play on their server. There will be a record kept of all homefield advantages between teams and every attempt will be made to make sure it is fairly and equally done. Global Spam No repeated global spam (including voice binds) are to be used by anyone until after the match. One exception: VGCG ("good game!") can be used after a map is completed, if a team so chooses. Excessive violations of this rule will be brought before the BEML Administrator and/or JAG Officer for review. Forum Information The forums have been created for the specific use of the BEML members. You will need to create an account to become a member of the Forums. You will need to make up a user name, a password, and provide a valid e-mail account. Be sure to keep an exact record of the user name and password, as the forum is very case sensitive. The e-mail account you provide will be verified, so if you provide a non-working account, your account will not work. If you wish to join a Group on the forums (your own clans group, etc.) please go to this thread for information on how to proceed. All groups require permission to join, so if you are attempting to join your own clans group, you may need to contact your Team Captain for permission if he/she hasn't already taken care of it. Please note that the Forums are moderated. We recognize however that the majority of our members are adults, thus we usually give some leeway to the posts. Some of the things we will not tolerate include but are not limited to : Flaming of any other member, clan, or Staff member; Coarse profanity or vulgarity; Any type of image that presents nudity, vulgarity, or coarse profanity; No spamming. League Specific Rules Here are links for each specific Divisions rule set: Tribes 2 Base rules Tribes 2 Classic rules BattleField 1942 rules

Team In Waiting (TIW) Information

BEML TIW Process Terms used: 1) TIW: Team In Waiting, a team seeking entry into the BEML

 2) TIWL: Team In Waiting Liaison, Staff position, responsible for coordinating TIWs and TIW committee members efforts during the TIW process

3) TIW Committee: Group of BEML members appointed to screen and process incoming teams.

4) Veteran team: Any team that has completed one full BEML season

5) TC: Team Captain TIW Requirements and Responsibilities TIWs will be required to:

 1) Complete a minimum of three qualified TIW Matches (up to a maximum of six may be requested of a team)

 2) For Tribes 2, record, and have available, a minimum of one demo per map for each TIW match in which they participate. For BattleField 1942, take several screenshots from each scrimmage map you play. They can and will be requested randomly from your players.

 3) Properly register their team on the league and have all of their players signed up on their roster In order for a Match to be qualified as a TIW match, it must meet the following criteria:

1) It must have an Admin, TIWL, or TIW Committee Member present to observe.

 2) The match must be played in observance of all BEML match guidelines (e.g. in Tribes2: all three rounds must be played, 25 min time limit, all BEML rules and codes of conduct observed)

3) The TIW must have no less than 7 of its members present for all three rounds (members should be listed on a teams roster prior to the match) (It will be looked at unfavorably if a team is unable to produce at least 10 members for the majority of its TIW matches)

Team In Waiting Program

The Team In Waiting (TIW) program was created to assist with the integration of new teams to the Blood Eagle Mini-League. TIW's are instructed to scrimmage at the very least three current Member teams. These scrimmages are required for a number of purposes.

First and foremost, it gives everyone the opportunity to meet one another and communicate.

Secondly, it gives the TIW perfect situations to learn and abide by the Leagues rules and regulations.

Thirdly, it offers the TIW an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the unique method in which the League schedules matches.

These scrimmages are observed by Team-In-Waiting-Committee members (TIWC's) or BEML Staff members for several reasons. The scrimmages provide a means for observing a team's conduct "under fire". How a team behaves plays a very great role for acceptance to the BEML. The scrimmages also let a team prove that they can consistantly field a full 10 players for competition purposes in Tribes 2, or a full 6 players for competition purposes in BattleField 1942.

 TIW's are encouraged to set up and schedule scrimmages with current Member teams after they have at least six members (for BattleField 1942) or ten members (for Tribes 2) on their BEML roster on the web site . Should a TIW have any questions or problems they need resolved, there are four Team-In-Waiting-Liaisons (TIWL's) you should be in contact with in the Tribes 2 Division (AC|SkipTracer , [X-MEN]Asha'Man-DTM ), [RIP]PeaceKeeper ), and ([57th]Zahadoom ), and one Team-In-Waiting-Liaison for the Battlefield 1942 Division ([57th]Zahadoom ). Should they not be able to answer your questions, please feel free to ask any other Staff members. TIW Committee The BEML TIW Committee will be composed of one committee member from each Veteran BEML member team. Membership Each Veteran team will appoint one primary, and one alternate committee member. Appointees should be selected by their teams based on character and time available for the commitment. Committee membership should be considered as separate from a teams TC responsibilities (though TCs may also serve as Committee members) The committee will be overseen by a group of TIWLs (number to be determined as needed by the Administration) Who will assist in coordinating the screening and processing of TIWs.

A TIWL may also serve as a Committee Member.

Responsibilities Committee members will be responsible for several things:

 1) They will be responsible for helping to ensure all TIW Matches are observed and demod.

 2) They will be responsible for keeping as informed as possible concerning new TIWs, including but not limited to downloading and watching demos from TIW matches.

3) Issuing a small report from each TIW match they have observed within the TIW committee forum.

Procedures Processing Everything that SHOULD happen during each teams TIW process:

 1) Team Captain signs his/her team up as a TIW

 2) New team is e-mailed intro letter containing TIW forum password and TIWC contact info. Team is asked to post an intro in the TIW forum with info on when they would be available for their TIW matches. 3) TIW committee members should be monitoring the setup of TIW matches, and should work to ensure each match has at least one Committee member signed up to observe.

4) Upon completion of a TIWs first TIW match, a thread will be started in the TIW Committee Forum with a small report from each observer that was present with a link to the observers uploaded demo. This thread will be used for all further discussion regarding the TIW in question.


Upon completion of a TIWs third Qualified match, several things will happen.

 1) A reasonable period of time (approximately three days) will be allowed for discussion on the last match, and to give everyone a chance to download and watch the latest demos.

 2) If there have been no negative complaints from anyone at this point then a vote will be started. A vote under these circumstances should be considered a formality.

 3) If there HAVE been any negative remarks or concerns with the TIW at this point (from TCs, committee members, TIWLs, or Admins), then the following steps will be taken:

a. The Committee member with the concern (or member speaking for the TC with the concern) will make a forum post explaining their specific concern in the Committee forum (if this has not already been done)

 b. One of the TIWLs will contact the TC of the TIW and explain the concern, and will explain that an additional scrim has been requested.

c. The Committee member that expressed the concern, as well as an Admin or JAG will observe the extra TIW match.

d. Up to Three additional TIW matches may be requested from a TIW (each additional match should be for a different reason, or from a different committee member)

e. Once all additional matches have been completed and a reasonable period of time has passed to allow for discussion among the committee members then a vote will be called.

 f. Committee members will be expected to make informed decisions when voting, which should include, but not be limited to, downloading and watching pertinent TIW demos, and reviewing any potential materials presented by other committee members concerning the TIWs acceptability.

Committee members will be Strongly encouraged to base their decisions on the TIWs performance during their TIW Matches, and during their time as a TIW. Committee members will however be free to vote their own conscience.

 4) Votes will be blind ballot, one vote from each committee member (in the committee members absence their alternate should cast their vote for them)

Each Vote will have three choices:

 a. Yes, they are BEML material

 b. No, they are not ready yet

 c. Abstain

5) Abstain votes should be explained as well as is possible given whatever the situation that resulted in the decision for abstention. e.g. My house burned down and I was unable to download or watch any of the demos, but I am logging in from this cyber-café to let you all know I was still alive and fulfilling my duties as a TIW committee member 6) To be accepted as a member team, a TIW will have to receive a majority of the vote, if they receive less than a majority then an Admin will contact them and explain the most prevalent reasons why they were rejected and explain that if they desire they can attempt entry again for the next season. On occasion a team may be voted in under a "probationary" status. Probation is a result from concerns stated during their TIW phase or a close vote on membership. The Staff reserves the right to review any new team for this status. A team under this status is offered membership with the following restriction: 1. After the probationary season is completed the team in question may be required to complete an additional season without veteran status. At the end of the probationary season, the Team Captains of the probationary team must meet with the League Administrator, their Division Administrator, and the JAG Officer to dicuss the reason(s) for the probationary status, and how the team has progressed throughout the season.

The League will then do one of the following:

A. Grant full membership all privileges associated with a first year team.

B. Discuss further probationary terms; or

C. Dismiss the team in question. *Note - Probation is not a ruling by any individual administrator and as such is not subject to appeal via the normal appeals process. Once the status has been issued the cause and effect of the status is required through the second season completion*